History of Persian Desktop Publishing

Most of the technology developed for Persian language in the computing environments are built on top of the existing ones in the publishing industry and some of these were directly engineered for the desktop publishing market. Examples of such technologies are the non-standard text encoding schemas and the special typesetting tools for calligraphic and Koranic features. In this project, we are trying to document the history of these developments.

Shabakeh Magazine

Shabakeh (Network) Magazine (ماهنامهٔ شبکه) is an Iranian information technology monthly magazine founded in 1998 by Hormoz Pur Rostami.

Issue 39 (2004)

-   If Alef Had Been Continued, Producers of Alef talk about the necessity of a Persian publishing application, Hadi Sabbagh, Shabakeh Magazine, Issue 39, 2003

   اگر الف ادامه پیدا می‌کرد…، دست‌اندرکاران اصلی نشر الف از ضرورت وجود یک نرم‌افزار نشر فارسی می‌گویند، محمد هادی صباغ، ماهنامهٔ شبکه، شمارهٔ ۳۹، سال ۱۳۸۲


Issue 43 (2004)

Issue 51 (2004)

Iran Print Magazine

Iran Print (ماهنامهٔ صنعت چاپ), an Iranian printing industry monthly magazine founded in 1983.

Issue 365 (2012)