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Although FarsiTeX may be distributed freely, the production and maintenance of the system does require expenditure of reasonably large sums of money. There are many necessities that need substantial financing: examples are new or enhanced computing equipment.

This is why we are appealing to you for contributions to the fund. Any sum will be much appreciated; the amount need not be large as small contributions add up to very useful amounts. Contributions of suitable equipment and software will also be of great value. This appeal is both to you as an individual author and to you as a member of a group or as an employee: please encourage your department or your employer to contribute towards sustaining our work.

To donate to FarsiTeX, click here. For non-monetary contributions please contact Behdad Esfahbod (farsitex __at__ behdad __dot__ org).

During this years of free software development for the sake of public, many have supported or helped the project. FarsiTeX has been mainly supported by the long-time contributions of:

  • Vice Minister on Education, Ministry of Culture and Higher Education
  • Vice Chancellor on Research, Sharif University of Technology
  • Iran High Council of Informatics
  • Data Processing Deputy, Statistical Center of Iran
  • Computing Center, Sharif University of Technology
as well as donations by various other individual and entities, including but not limited to:
Project SOS
SEO Company encourages firms on the Internet to support the open source community.
C-C++ Forum
Programming and web development forum that encourages and supports the open source community.

We would like to see funded projects that make considerable use of FarsiTeX (e.g. conferences and research teams who use it to publish their work, and electronic research archives using it) include contributions to this fund in their budgets.

We are also asking commercial organisations to assess the benefits they gain from using, or distributing, a well-supported FarsiTeX and to make appropriate contributions to the fund in order that we can continue to maintain and improve the product. If you work for, or do business with, such an organisation, please bring to the attention of the relevant people the existence and needs of the project.

Also, if you have enough experience in FarsiTeX and related software, and you have some spare time to put on FarsiTeX, you may help us in the following ways:

Find bugs
Download and install latest version and try finding bugs in it.
Mailing lists
Subscribe at mailing lists and attend discussions.
We need lots of help in development of tools like this:
  • Linux editor
  • Convertors between FarsiTeX and other formats, including HTML, MS-Word, ...
  • Font design

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