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FarsiTeX /fa:r si tEk/ is a free Persian/English bidirectional typesetting system based on Donald Knuth's TeX Program. TeX and his friend METAFONT have served mathematicians and technical writers all over the world for many years and helped them to write prettier and easier.

A new experimental version of FarsiTeX is out. Read the release notes or download from the menu. Available in the release are a Windows installer, bundling the editor and makeindex utility too, the source tarball that can be used on Linux and other systems too, and a report/manual of the new features and changes.

Update: teTeX/Unix/Linux installation guide is now available.

Unlike many other Persian document preparation systems, FarsiTeX is not only very powerful in mathematical typesetting but also takes advantage of the powers of a generic markup language.

FarsiTeX is Free Software. It is protected by GNU General Public License, like many other great pieces of software.

If you use FarsiTeX extensively, or make money with it, please consider helping the project.

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