UDHR in Languages of Iran

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) is a declaration adopted by the United Nations General Assembly on 10 December 1948 at the Palais de Chaillot in Paris, France. [Wikipedia] UDHR has the record for being the Most Translated Document in the world. [Guinness] [Wikipedia] The UDHR in Unicode project is to demonstrate the use of Unicode for a wide variety of languages, using the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) as a representative text. [Unicode]

The UDHR in Languages of Iran has the goal to collect translations of UDHR in various Iranian languages and other languages used in Iran and the area, all encoded in Unicode. The collection will be used to use by the community in demonstration purposes, as well as submitted to the UDHR in Unicode project for inclusion.

See Languages of Iran for the list of languages of interest.

Translation Status

Available in Unicode

Language Script Unicode OHCHR Audio
Arabic, Standard (ar) Arab arb (Stage 4), text, html arz ara
Armenian (hy) Armn hye (Stage 4), text, html arm arm
Azerbaijani, North (az) Cyrl azj_cyrl (Stage 4), text, html azb1 aze
Azerbaijani, North (az) Latn azj_latn (Stage 4), text, html azb aze
Georgian (ka) Geor kat (Stage 4), text, html geo geo
Hebrew (he) Hebr heb (Stage 4), text, html hbr heb
Pashto (ps) Arab pbu (Stage 3), text, html pbu
Persian, Afghan (fa-AF) Arab pes_2 (Stage 4), text, html prs1 pes
Persian, Iranian (fa-IR) Arab pes_1 (Stage 4), text, html prs per
Tajik Persian (tg) Cyrl tgk (Stage 4), text, html pet tgk
Turkish (tr) Latn tur (Stage 4), text, html trk tur
Turkmen (tuk) Cyrl tuk_cyrl (Stage 4), text, html tck tuk
Turkmen (tuk) Latn tuk_latn (Stage 4), text, html tuk
Urdu (ur) Arab urd (Stage 4), text, html urd urd

Needs Translation

NOTE: This table is under development and not complete.

Languages Script Unicode Source Audio Comments
Iranian Azeri (az-IR) Arab No source available yet.
Central Kurdish (ckb-IR) Arab No source available yet.
Mazandarani (mzn) Arab No source available yet.

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