FarsiLinux output

Following is a table of completed FarsiLinux projects and how much their output is used in Sharif Linux 2. We have not listed the name of some of the contractors, but they should be available from the FarsiLinux website.

If the following table misses some FarsiLinux projects, it means that their output was not used either. If you know of any mistake in the above table or know of any unlisted project whose output we have used, please tell us at info@farsiweb.info.

Project name Contractor Usefulness for Sharif Linux Comments
Iranian calendar 0% The documentation of the project is misleading in the way that it provides wrong algorithms and computational methods for the both of the Iranian calendars it is describing. The code released by the project is based on illegal copying of software copyrighted by FarsiWeb and others.
Iranian keyboard 0% The documentation of the project does not provide any useful information. The project did not produce any code.
Persian locale Pooyesh Afzar Samaneh (subcontracted to FarsiWeb) 50% We used the documentation we had previously generated for this project in providing a consistent support in Sharif Linux 2 for the locale requirements of the Persian language speakers of Iran.
Persian loose searching Pooyesh Afzar Samaneh (subcontracted to FarsiWeb) 0% We unfortunately did not find the time to implement loose searching in Sharif Linux 2.
Persian sorting and collation Pooyesh Afzar Samaneh (subcontracted to FarsiWeb) 0% We didn't do anything special about Persian sorting and collation in Sharif Linux 2. The project documentation handed to the FarsiLinux project was based on how the GNU C library was already handling Persian data, which was specified and implemented in the GNU C library by the FarsiWeb project years ago.
Persian reference font CyberMehr 0% FarsiWeb already had all the technical knowledge necessary to develop fonts supposed to work under GNOME. The FarsiWeb Persian fonts were already publicly available long before the output of the project was made available.
Persian reference font rendering engine CyberMehr 5% Sharif Linux includes two patches made by CyberMehr in Pango, the GNOME text rendering library. They are not needed for basic functionality of Sharif Linux, but will be used if a user installs a complex OpenType font on his computer.
Unicode bidirectional algorithm and Arabic joining behavior Pooyesh Afzar Samaneh (subcontracted to FarsiWeb) 0% The technical specification provided to FarsiLinux was already implemented in Pango and FriBidi before the project started.
Shabdix 0% Shabdix was a KDE-based live CD. There is no relation to Sharif Linux.
Persian support in GNU C library Sharif FarsiWeb 80% We include all the software we provided to FarsiLinux in Sharif Linux 2. But we also made new changes to the GNU C library, fixing bugs and adding new Persian-related features.
Persian support in MySQL 0% The output of the project was completely useless.
Persian support in PostgreSQL 0% The output of the project was totally useless. This was the most troublesome project for FarsiWeb, as the Persian translation provided by this project to the PostgreSQL project was so non-standard and out-of-place that we explicitly removed it from our Server Edition.
Persian glossary 0% FarsiWeb used its own glossary in localizing GNOME to Persian.
Persian GUI requirements 0% While the output of the project may be useful, FarsiWeb does not agree with some of the conclusions. Because of that, we did not use the documentation of the project. The behavior of Sharif Linux's graphical user interface in Persian is based on FarsiWeb's own research and the existing support in free software.
Persian spell checker 0% The output of the project was misleading, non-standard, and incomplete in many ways. We could not use their output because of this.
Persian support in Evolution 0% The only code released by the project (on the Evolution mailing list) included illegally copied software from FarsiWeb and others. The project never officially released any code.
Persian support in Horde and IMP 0% Sharif Linux does not include Horde and IMP.
Persian translation of GNOME Sharif FarsiWeb 0% The FarsiLinux project was about completing the translation of GNOME 2.12 to Persian. Sharif Linux 2 includes only GNOME 2.10, and does not use the output FarsiWeb provided to the FarsiLinux project.
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