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How to Install Standard Persian Fonts

Download the zip file, and extract the font files using a program such as unzip (on Linux) or [ WinZip] (on Windows). After decompressing, you will have a folder called farsifonts-0.4 with 14 files, 10 of which having the .ttf extension.

On Sharif Linux

Sharif Linux has standard Persian fonts installed for all users by default.

On Other Linux Distributions

On Fedora and Red Hat, follow these steps to install the fonts for one user, or for all users:

  1. For the first case, create a folder called ".fonts" (NB: the name starts with a ".")
  2. For the second case, create a folder called "fa" in /usr/share/fonts/
  3. In both cases, copy the .ttf files in the folder you have created
  4. Run fc-cache
  5. Re-login

On Windoows

  1. In Control Panel, double click on Fonts
  2. In the file menu, click on "Install New Font". The "Add Fonts" window appears.
  3. Browse the path where the farsifonts-0.4 folder is, choose "Select All" and press OK.

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