The FarsiWeb People

The Sharif FarsiWeb Inc personnel (a.k.a. members of the FarsiWeb Project Group) are currently:

Yahya Tabesh Board Chairman
Roozbeh Pournader President and Vice-chairman
Behdad Esfahbod Senior developer
Meelad Zakaria Technical translator
Elnaz Sarbar VP of Finance and Administration
Behnam Esfahbod VP of Supports
Behnam Pournader VP of Operations
Hamed Malek Junior developer

(Please do not contact the members directly about about a problem not specifically related to them, but use the FarsiWeb’s contact address instead.)

There are people helping us in administrative or technical difficulties, although they are not direct members: We thank Zahra Panahi, Mehran Mehr, Connie Bobroff, Saeed Iranfard, Maryam Fasihi, Houman Mehr, and Arash Rezaiizadeh for their continuing help.

We have some apprentices, currently including Aidin Nassiri. The list is growing and shrinking at the same time!

We also wish to thank previous members and apprentices of the project: Ehsan Mohammadi, Ali Asghar Khanban, Mohsen Emadi, Hosein Maserrat Mashhadi, Ali Sharifi, Nooshin Akhlaghinia, Mastoure Musavi, Soroush Rafiee Rad, Hooman Mesgary, Mehrdad Sabetzadeh, Hamid Nazerzadeh, Mohammad Toossi, Hossein Safy Allah, Alireza Kheirkhahan, Omid Alamdar Milani, Bahareh Esfahbod, and Arash Tavakkol. We couldn't have reached here without their help.

Finally, we wish to thank the people who support us financially, technically, and morally. These are the real people behind those organization names, and if it were not them, the project would be dead long ago: We are still searching to find some way for thanking Abbas Edalat, Payman Arabshahi, Fereydoun Taslimi, Mohammad Sepehry Rad, Ali Asghar Eskandar Bayati, and Siavash Shahshahani.

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